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Imagine climbing a ladder where no matter how many steps you take, you stay in the same place. Now imagine the next step on that ladder is a chance to receive primary education. For the children in Dörbata, this is their reality. Very few children have access to education, something many often take for granted. This is where Raleigh volunteers step in.

marzo 22, 2019

The thriving community of Nimaritawa started with the donation of land over 20 years ago. Houses were built in anticipation of indigenous families moving there, to form a community that would live on what was planted and harvested, including native crops. However, until recently the community did not have a school, meaning children had to walk for almost two hours to reach the nearest school.

marzo 1, 2019

Teams of volunteers from 12 nationalities will work on Natural Resource Management (NRM) projects in La Marta and La Cangreja; continue to build and rejuvenate Indigenous Schools through Community Resilience (CR) projects in Nimaritawa and Dorbatal; and, take part in Youth Leadership development on Dragon and Turrisantos treks.

Los gerentes de proyectos trabajarán con un equipo de voluntarios de 12 nacionalidades a partir del 18 de febrero en proyectos de gestión de recursos naturales en La Marta y La Cangreja; construyendo y mejorando las escuelas indígenas de Nimaritawa y Dorbata; y desarrollarán liderazgo juvenil en las rutas de trek Dragon y Turrisantos.

marzo 1, 2019

On 5th December we observe International Volunteers Day which celebrates the work and achievements of volunteers and organisations around the world. Here we find out about the amazing work of our volunteers in Costa Rica and how their efforts are helping create a more sustainable future.

“There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer. With it beats the spirit of service, generosity and compassion... and the health and the wellbeing of the community, country and our world”, Kobi Yamada

diciembre 5, 2018

Raleigh volunteers in Costa Rica are heading out to start work on their final projects. The groups will be taking on the youth leadership element of their Expedition, supporting park rangers to maintain one of Costa Rica's national parks, and helping an indigenous community to construct a kindergarten to provide care and education for young children.

diciembre 2, 2018

Recently Raleigh had the privilege of hosting a visit from the British Ambassador to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, Ross Denny. The ambassador visited a group of Raleigh volunteers in La Marta National Park where they are running a community action day on the environment with the local community. He then headed back to Turrialba to view the progress of an innovative campaigns and awareness raising project with McCann WorldGroup UK and Raleigh’s Costa Rican and Nicaraguan national society members.

noviembre 27, 2018

Over the next two weeks, Raleigh International will be working with McCann WorldGroup UK to deliver a course in campaign management and awareness raising to Raleigh’s national societies from Costa Rica and Nicaragua. During this course, volunteers from nine McCann WorldGroup UK firms will be delivering lectures and workshops to Raleigh alumni with the intention of imparting their expertise in marketing and awareness campaigns.

noviembre 18, 2018