ICV Alumni Grants

Open applications for 2017!

ICV Alumni Grants

By March 2018, ICS will have created 20,000 active citizens worldwide who understand the power of community development and are active in bringing about positive change in their communities.

This fund is only available for In Country Volunteers (ICV) from the ICS Programme worldwide that have successfully completed their Action at Home (A@H).

Costa Rica & Nicaragua

ICV Alumni from Costa Rica and Nicaragua are encouraged to participate. In order to qualify for a grant, the application should demonstrate how the applicants and planned activities meet the essential criteria and any of the optional criteria. Any ICV alumni can apply individually or in groups. Raleigh will encourage and highly value group applications over individual ones.

*Applications, reports and other documents should be submitted in English. If this is not possible for you and your team, please contact us directly to see how we could help.


  1. It must include some development impact in a community in Costa Rica
  2. It must involve and inspire others to take action
  3. It must encourage the personal or professional development of the volunteers
  4. It must be inclusive, accessible and promote equal opportunities
  5. It must use the official templates for activity proposal and activity report
  6. It must acknowledge that, from the date of receipt of funds, the applicants have two months to deliver their activities and a further two weeks to submit a final report (with receipts) to Raleigh
  7. It must demonstrate the 4Es of Value for Money – Efficiency, Economy, Effectiveness and Equity (this criteria will be assessed at Raleigh’s discretion and is not explicitly stated on the application and reporting form).


  1. It could encourage collaboration between UK volunteers and CR/Nic volunteers, with, for example, some element of UK development awareness supporting in-country action
  2. It could provide the start-up for an activity (trial or pilot) that has the potential to become self-sustainable (e.g. through longer term sources of funding or no-cost solutions to a problem)
  3. It could build on a previously funded activity (from this grant) as long as the previous funds have been well spent, accounted for and reported on, and the plan is sustainable (i.e. not just a repeat of previous activities)

This money cannot be used for the following:

  • To cover any running costs of existing organisations
  • To cover international travel
  • To buy any assets (rental or hire is acceptable as long as it is deemed to be competitive and cost effective)
  • To allow volunteers to complete their action at home – only alumni may apply for funding
Grant Process
  1. Raleigh, supported by ICS, will promote this opportunity with their ICVs.
  2. Raleigh will receive the grant applications and approve or reject the requests based on the stated criteria. In the interests of equal opportunities, applications from Costa Rica and Nicaragua will be received, only the top applications will be reviewed (based on the above criteria) and the best applications from both countries will be submitted to ICS for final review.
  3. ICS will assess the applications and the funds requested and advise if the activity’s budget has been approved within 2 weeks of receiving the application.
  4. Raleigh will provide the grant directly to the group/applicants (in instalments, based on the budget presented). The applicants must submit any and all receipts (originals) to Raleigh, in accordance with the budget.
  5. The applicants must submit a final report to Raleigh, no later than ten weeks after receipt of the funds.
  6. All necessary receipts will be kept by Raleigh in line with their own accounting practices.

The minimum value of a grant will be £100 GBP (+/- 120 USD) and the maximum £1,000 GBP (+/- 1,200 USD).

How to Apply

Step 1
1. Download the application form (Appendix A) and the Budget Template (Appendix C).
2. Fill in all the information requested on the form (including the budget).
3. Send your application and budget to: sociedad@raleighcostarica.ong

*Your email must have the following on the subject:
“ICV Application” + “Name of Alumni Activity”

**Deadline for applications: 28 / February / 2017 – 5:00pm

Step 2
1. If your application is successful, then you will have to fill-in the report (Appendix B) after your alumni activity.
2. Fill in all the information requested on the report (including to update the budget template).
3. Send your report and budget to: sociedad@raleighcostarica.ong

ICV Alumni Grant Application Form
Appendix A

ICV Alumni Grant Report
Appendix B

ICV Alumni Grant Budget Template
Appendix C